Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Welcome to Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan

Jenny Colgan never disappoints and I have loved all her previous books. The sweet shop theme of the book takes you back to your childhood which you can't help but love. Every chapter starts off with describing a traditional old fashion sweet which really makes the book different and quirky. You get a good picture of what the sweet shop this book is set in would really be like.

This book also has an insight into the main characters aunt's life too through flashbacks throughout which makes it exciting. All the characters are very lovable and you really get an insight into the village life. It definitely is a book that makes you want to read on, but at the same time you want to savour the next chapter so that you can feel that excitement of being in a sweet shop again.

Overall rating7/10 as it has more than one dimension and it is fantastic the way it captures what it would actually be like to live in a village and own a sweet shop! I would recommend this to anyone that likes a book that has more than one story running at the same time, who enjoys an insight into village life and of course anyone who loves sweets! 

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