Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan

A book all about chocolate - what more could you ask for? Such a lovely story which makes you feel both happy and sad! Two stories intertwined - a story from the past features alongside modern day, with both following a similar path. Set in Paris you get to know the city and get a glimpse of what relocating to a new place feels like. A real insight into the emotions that it brings and the challenges you face. Main character Anna is lovable and interesting and you can't help but want her to succeed. 

This book shows you how precious life is and how memories are sometimes what keeps you going. The ending is emotional, yet it is also a happy ending too. There is a lot of love, fun, heartache and chocolate in this book. Very well written and it really captures the ups and downs of life.

Overall rating: 8/10 - I would recommend to those who love complex emotional books. Anyone who has a fond memory of a place and knows how important those memories are. Ideal for those who would love to know more about chocolate or Paris.  All in all a classic romance novel. 

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