Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Power Trip by Jackie Collins

The front of the book describes it as "A sexy sun-drenched thriller" and this exactly what it was! A book based on a holiday - whereby 6 couples all powerful, famous and interesting - embark on a paradise holiday together. You get to understand each character really well and they all lead very interesting lives - one a footballer, one a movie star and one a politician.

There definitely is a raunchy side to the book but it did add something. It made it more realistic almost and helped with defining the characters personalities. The story was easy to follow and did draw you in with lots happening every chapter. There were so many aspects of the story with all the characters intertwining it worked well. There was an exciting build-up to the end which led to a dramatic ending. A love story also developed throughout the book too.

Overall rating: 9/10 - different from my usual choice, had a fantastic story where a lot happens. It helps that it is set in a lovely hot place, you can really imagine the beautiful scenery. Fantastically written and not too over the top on the raciness. You really get to know each character and you want to be on holiday with them! I would recommend to those who want a real escapism book - one that takes you to a real nice setting and that you can lose yourself in! Set in a tropical destination, great for a relaxing holiday read. Definitely one with a deeper storyline, exploring each character one by one. It also gives you a real insight into what it would be like to be famous! All in all a fantastic, unmissable great holiday read! 

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