Thursday, 25 April 2013

Whatever It Takes by Adele Parks

Having read Adele Parks' books before I had high expectations, and I am pleased that this book did not disappoint! A lovely story about adult life, making friends, coping through tough times and enjoying the good times. The characters in this book are very well defined, getting a real feel for each one. You really connect with the characters leaving you feeling sorry for a few of them - one suffering from Alzheimer's, one trying for a baby -  and hope they get the happy ending they deserve. This book made me cry, smile and surprised me in places.

Chapters are set as months so a lot happens in this book over a year or two. You get a lot of insight into the main character Eloise's life and how kind and generous she is to her family and friends. The book is not set around one grand ending so it's hard to predict what will happen which makes it even more gripping.

Overall rating: 8/10 - A very well written, complex book. The characters stand out and emotion overcomes you. An unexpected ending and the way the book flows adds to the enjoyment of the read. I would recommend to those who like more depth to characters, with more emotions and a real insight into their lives. This book does have a happy ending, however, there is an on-going sadness throughout the book, so definitely not the traditional chick-lit. Someone who is on a boating holiday or on a country-side retreat will enjoy reading about similar scenery.

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