Monday, 29 April 2013

Kiss Like You Mean It by Louise Harwood

A lovely insight into the glamorous world of Hollywood! This book is based around the making of a blockbuster that was set in The Great War, so it definitely has more depth than the average holiday read. I found that both the modern day story and the snippets of the past were very gripping encouraging you to read on. As this book is based on a movie set, you feel you are there and you can really lose yourself in the setting.

As you continue to read you can feel a love story developing, however it is not obvious how it will end so you are constantly speculating. The main character Ella is a loveable, naïve make-up artist who is easily persuaded. You almost want to stand up and protect her as you really feel her vulnerability come through. A great ending, unpredictable and not too cheesy!

Overall rating: 7/10 - a slightly slow beginning, it took a few chapters to get stuck into it. Once the story got going you couldn't put it down! The twist with the War story (which is rather romantic in itself) brings an extra dimension which was needed in this book. Recommend for those interested in the glamorous lifestyle of Hollywood and what it's really like to be a famous movie star! Those holidaying in France may enjoy this too as it captures the heart of a French City and also those who like a book where 2 stories intertwine.

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