Tuesday, 1 January 2013

White Wedding by Milly Johnson

Anyone who recently got married or is planning a wedding will know that you are instantly drawn to wedding related books! Having recently got married myself, I am obsessed with anything wedding related. White Wedding draws you in right from the beginning splitting the book into 3 weddings intertwined into each other. Who could not love a book set around choosing the perfect wedding dress?

It's short chapters makes you eager to keep reading and turns this book into one of "those" you can't put down. As always things don't turn out as you would think, but this book really tugs at your heart strings with the coming together of such lovable characters.

Overall rating: 7/10 - due to its addictiveness, but it is admittedly a very "girly" book. If you love romance and love weddings (like me) then this is a winner! Stay away from it if you don't like the lovey dovey type books!

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