Thursday, 24 January 2013

Finding Mr Flood by Ciara Geraghty

This is a book takes a while to get into. The story kicks off straight away, but I felt that you did not warm to the characters until a few chapters in. Do not give up though, as the story really does draw you in with a love interest developing along the way. The main character Dora is a lovable, vulnerable women and you feel you grow with her in such a crucial stage in her life.

All she wants to do is help her Sister who she is so faithful to and on the way she discovers who she is too. The ending is a good one and unexpected and definitely made me shed a tear which is rather unusual for me!

Overall Rating: 6/10 - due to such a slow start - I did nearly give up but glad I stuck with it. This book would appeal to those interested in complicated family life, a less traditional chick-lit book as it contains more emotion and has lots of ups and downs. Would appeal to those who likes a book to develop to build up to a grand finale.

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