Thursday, 10 October 2013

Jenna's Journey by Julie Ryan

The Blurb:
When Jenna decides on a whim to go to Greece, she's trying to escape her failing marriage. Will Greg let her go so easily though? Can she make a new future for herself and how did she get involved in an antiques smuggling ring? Is fellow holidaymaker Tom all he seems and will it be happy ever after with Nikos? It's not until twenty-five years later that some of the questions are finally answered.

My Review:
A rather interesting and action-packed story! A different concept of a book with an alternative ending just when you thought you had reached the end. Definitely full of twists and unexpected events, which makes it a great read. In places the high number of characters can make it confusing - but stick with it and you soon get back on track with what's happening.

The book is mainly set in Greece and it definitely captures the Greek way of living, pictures the scene well and makes you want to visit! Unlike many books, the Greek characters seem authentically Greek and you can really imagine such people exist! As so much happens in this book there is never a dull moment and its very unpredictable as to what will happen.

Overall rating: 7/10 - Parts can be confusing but if you concentrate it all makes sense in the end! A lot to take in - I found myself needing to flick back and double check to see what had happened in previous pages. It was though an action-packed read, never leaving you bored and made you want to read on. I would recommend to those who like a more complicated action based book which is quite unusually written. One who wants a book you can lose yourself in and imagine being in a place where you would love to visit. Great whilst on holiday in a real hot country or definitely one to read on a plane to a hot destination!

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